Is dry cow therapy here to stay? - Global Milk Quality Expert Forum meeting hosts lively discussion

2nd Milk Quality Expert Forum

Boehringer Ingelheim’s second Quality Milk Expert Forum took place in January hosted in Copenhagen and attended 10 by delegates from around the world.  Building on the success of the 2015 meeting, which took place in Belgium, the meeting aimed to gather together world experts on milk hygiene and udder health for in-depth discussions on current issues and controversial topics.

 Chaired by Dr Michael Farre of an independent veterinary consultant in Denmark, this year’s meeting had a focus on dry cow therapy with the central question ‘Is dry cow therapy here to stay?’. 

 This opportunity to gather experts from Europe, South America, Australasia and Canada was significant for the global dairy industry, as their varied background and solid global leading expertise allowed to come to a very fruitful debate on the future of dry cow therapy.

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